The event calendar of fireworks in Tochigi Prefecture

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the fireworks

Fireworks display to be held in 2016

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2016/8/6 Ashikaga
Ashikaga fireworks " Watase Summer Festa "
Venue:Tanaka location Tochigi Prefecture Ashikaga Watarasegawa Hashimoto flow Watarase Sports Park and riverbed

2016/8/6 Nikko
Nikko summer of fireworks
Venue:Daiya River in the vicinity of Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture city Otanibashi

2016/8/13 Utsunomiya
Utsunomiya fireworks ( Utsunomiya hundred years fireworks )
Venue:Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture Dojojuku Kinugawa riverbed


The fireworks display held in 2014

Fireworks held in May

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5/03 motegi-machi (end)
There racetrack Honda "Twin Ring Motegi" in Motegi-machi.
Fireworks will be held in the Twin Ring Motegi race track.

5/10 sano kuzu-machi (end)
Sano is famous for its noodle. Its name is "Sano ramen".

5/31 kanuma(end)
Each year, the event of flower opens in Kanuma.
Its name is Satsuki Festival.

A lot of fireworks will be held in the summer of Tochigi.
The Summer Festival will be held in various locations.

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Fireworks in Tochigi Prefecture(Japanese)
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