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1987,1994,2001 ZAC SOFT

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please read by all means.
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How to play
The operation method
Item introduction
Enemy character introduction
Jewels collection
Special settings
At the last
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The kingdom where magic sways the world"ACTER WORLD".
The floating royal palace which is the center is occupied by a wizard unit's surprise attack.
They began to make a monster one after another, they processing the gold
currently used on the royal palace, and applying magic.
A royal princess "LINA"LINA is in the Kingdom of "ACTER WORLD".
She got the only magic a "miracle ring" in arms in the floating royal palace
in order to regain a royal palace.


How to play

It is a round clear when all the enemies that are on a screen are defeated.
It will be ending if a round 32 is clearable at all 32 rounds.
A "miracle ring"miracle ring is used in order to defeat an enemy.
It can sealseal, if a "miracle ring" is made to be touched with an enemy.
If LINA touches before being able to solve a seal,
the enemy who fell down the screen and sealed can be beaten.

how to play

Since an enemy will begin to move again if a seal solves,
if it is not made to fall quickly It does not become.
Moreover, it is a high score when the enemy
who is present in the lower stage is beaten at this time.
It will be that a mistake is made, if LINA is caught by the enemy,
or it time-exceeds and gives up.It is game over when her stock is lost.


The operation method

Inside of a game
Arrow key right and leftLINA's movement.
Z or Enter KeyLINA jumps.
When there is a jumped floor which can ride first,
even if a wall is upwards, it passes through and jumps.
X or Space KeyA miracle ring is placed in the direction
which LINA has turned to. The miracle ring placed once
can be again put on other places, if LINA touches.
Pushing the X key and the Z key
is continued
It will give up, if it continues pushing fixed time (about 4 seconds).
It is possible also by the space key and the Enter key.
ESC KeyA program is ended and it returns to Windows.
The button of a miracle ring and the button of a jump can be replaced by Settings.
Arrow key up and downIt is used for movement of cursor.
Arrow key right and leftIt can start from the round which reached last time
by carrying out a game start, pushing either.
X,Z,Space,Enter KeyIt moves to the menu which carries out a game start
or which cursor shows.
ESC KeyA program is ended and it returns to Windows.
Arrow key up and downIt is used for movement of cursor.
Arrow key right and leftIt is used for the change of an item.
X,Z,Space,Enter KeyIt returns to a title.
ESC KeyA program is ended and it returns to Windows.
X,Z,Space,Enter KeyIt returns to a title.
ESC KeyA program is ended and it returns to Windows.
Ranking entry
Arrow key right and leftSelection of an input character.
Z or Enter KeyThe selected character is determined.
X or Space KeyIt returns to one-character this side.
ESC KeyA program is ended and it returns to Windows.
It will become an input end,
if ED mark is inputted or the 5th character is determined.
When you use a stick,
Arrow key:Lever
Z Key:Button 1 or Button A
X Key:Button 2 or Button B
Thus, please replace and read.


Item introduction

If fixed time passes, an item will appear.
If these are taken, it can advance advantageously.
It will disappear, if it passes fixed time further after appearing.

CrystalIt becomes easy to come out of a good item.
Ring10,000 points. and when a mistake is made,
the appearance probability of an item is held only at once.
SandglassA time increases for a while.
RodTwo miracle rings can be placed.
PotionIt becomes fixed time invincibility.
They are 10,000 points when an enemy is touched between invincibility.
Blue sapphireIt enters on a screen enemy x 10,000 points.
and this round clear!
BibleLINA 1up.
Pink sapphire???


Enemy character introduction

Knight It can't be reversed until it hits a wall,
although LINA is aimed at. A very common enemy.
Ghost It is moving about aslant on the screen.
Since it is a ghost, it runs through a wall.
Mage A wizard's subordinate.It will leap,
if walls other than an outer wall are hit.
Since it is made to fall freely if a "miracle ring" is
in the stage of the bottom when Mage is, it is careful!
Golem Since the body is heavy, it cannot move quickly.
However, even if it seals in a "miracle ring",
a seal will be solved immediately.
Moreover, thinking capability has shifted
and it jumps aiming at the stage above LINA.
Bersecker The fighter who strengthened and made the knight.
It moves about at high speed
and is a remarkable formidable enemy.
Elemental The screen top is drifted lightly.
Since it is a ghost too, it runs through a wall.
Wizard The time concerning a leap is shorter than Mage.
It is the troublesome enemy who makes
a "miracle ring" leap.
Gold king The monster which the wizard has
made one after another.
The body is heavy, and a motion will be sped up,
if it turns out that it is in the same stage
in response to LINA, although it is blunt.
As for a problem, a "miracle ring" don't be effective.



It can set up. Moreover, the set-up item is saved.
Please choose "SETTINGS" on a title screen and push a button.
A setup is changed among a setting screen in the stage which changed each item.
It will end, if a button is pushed, and a setting screen returns to a title screen.

RANK:It is the rank of a game.
You have to clear a game by "NORMAL" to enable it to choose "REVERSE".
BGM:A setup of whether to sound the music in a game can be performed.
SE:A setup of whether to sound the sound effect in a game can be performed.
BUTTON:Use button of "JUMP" and "MIRACLE RING" It changes.
AUTOWhen this was turned ON and a game start is carried out,
CONTINUE: it begins from ROUND ended last time automatically.
Immediately after starting of a program, and after a game clear,
one when changing a rank by ROUND1 at the time of game over
of cases is started from ROUND1, even if turned on.
(*VER1.03 added)@
START ROUND:It is a round selection.If the numerical value here is changed
and a game is started, it can start from a favorite round.
(In a rank "REVERSE", it is to the round 17.)
It does not function as turning OFF.Moreover, if it comes to a setting screen,
it will be turned off automatically.
When it clears using a round selection
Only a certain specific jewelry can be got.
This item is not saved.


Jewels collection

Any one jewelry on a par with the bottom of a setting screen will be got if a game is cleared.
Things are made.What color is acquirable changes with the actions taken to until clear.
I will collect all and will clean a setting screen!


Special settings

Usually, the following setup can also be carried out although
it thinks that it is unnecessary.

The sound effect when pushing down by fall of a miracle ring
If the wave file of the name of "smm2.wav" is put on the folder with actwd.exe,
it will be used there preferentially.
An action is amusing
If the text file "n64.txt" is put on the folder with actwd.exe,
it can start in the screen mode of 640x480.
Any contents of "n64.txt" are good.
(*VER1.04 added)
Speed is too quick
If the text file "vs.txt" is put on the folder with actwd.exe,
it can start by 60Fps with the screen mode of 320x240.
Any contents of "vs.txt" are good.
("vs.txt" is enclosed by archive from VER1.04.)
Conversely, when a motion, and "vs.txt" is deleted,
it may come to move smoothly.


At the last

I am pleased if you can enjoy "ACTER WORLD".
Thank you for associating to the last.