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Apr 6, 2008
Sep 11, 2008
Nov 3, 2008
1F Gallery's Map
This is a typical house in Japan, and also my gallery filled with my favorites like beautiful pictures and sweet sounds. By clicking on each point of the graphic image, you will be able to find my favorites.
I hope they will become your favorites. Enjoy yourselves!

- Last Update: August 8, 2010 -

I like to draw illustrations using Photoshop Elements with Wacom tablet. All images have animation effect. Click the images below to see larger image.
Dilapidated TV
Japanese-style!? The National Team
I wonder why the TV has been acting up lately. However I try to fix up it myself. If there was such a strange fast-food restaurant, I'm sure you would say "This is a true Japanese-style!?" Ivan Osim is a great previous coach of Japan's national soccer team and Shunsuke Nakamura is a playmaker of it.
Boss and His Man Forever Idol
I can't forget the word that a programmer said to his boss who make unreasonable demands.  The women has a girl's mind at any age. So, the idol is the idol at any age for her.
Her Name is Kumichan
A woman of temporary staff doesn't listen to what other people say.