Kawasaki/Vertol KV107

KV107 helicopters were constructed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries under the lisence contract with Boeing/Vertol.

These were used by not only Japan Defense Forces but also some foreign users such as Royal Swedish Navy, etc.

KV-107 VIP [28KB]


VIP transport version used by JGSDF.

Gifu AB, 9 Mar. 1990

KV-107 Rescue [33KB]


JASDF rescue units were equipped with many KV-107.

Komatsu AB, 4 Sep. 1994

Camouflaged KV-107 [29KB]

Unusual camouflage

This aircraft painted in unusual camouflage was belong to Komatsu Rescue Squadron, JASDF.

Komatsu AB, 18 Apr. 1990

Swedish Hkp4 [44KB]

Hkp4 in Sweden

Royal Sweden Navy equipped with KV107 designated Hkp4.
Note this Hkp4 is carrying a torpedo.

Photo by Sven-Åke Karlsson, Sweden

KV-107 Saudi [56KB]

Saudi Arabia

Some KV107 were exported to Saudi Arabia for their fire fighting system.

Gifu AB,

KV-107 slinging a T-33 [56KB]

KV107 slinging a T-33

This civilian KV107 is slinging a JASDF T-33 being delivered to an aerospace museum.

Kakamigahara Aerospace Museum, 14 Jul. 1998

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