Gifts for Nabokov

Celebrating VN's 106th Anniversary

(April 23, 2005)

A Portrait of Nabokov

Harumi Maekawa

Celebrating VN's 104th Anniversary

(April 23, 2003)

A Pair of Chess Problems

Kohey Yamada

A Chess Problem in Memory of V. Nabokov

Tadashi Wakashima
International Master in Solving Chess Problems (Granted by F.I.D.E.)

A Photograph of Mariinsky Theatre

Akiko Nakata

A Portrait of Vladimir Nabokov

Harumi Maekawa

A Poem Dedicated to VN

George Shimanovich

Nabokov's Muse: A Sketch from Life (Excerpt)

Vladimir Mylnikov

The Person We Want

Juan Martinez


Jeff Edmunds

Father's Butterfly

Dmitri Nabokov

I am deeply grateful to the generous contributors for their wonderful gifts.