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Welcome! / Akiko Nakata

Thank you for coming to VN's birthday celebration.
I hope you enjoyed the event.

- 2003/04/22(Tue) 23:44

VN's birthday party / Dmitri Nabokov

Dear Akiko Nakata,
Charming, tasteful, touching. My heartfelt thanks to my fellow contributors, and especially to you for your splendid job. My father is smiling.

Dmitri Nabokov

-2003/04/23(Wed) 06:01

/ariane csonka

Dmitri forwarded your charming "birthday present" and I enjoyed it very much. Particularly lovely was the memory of Vera Nabokov, whom I knew through DN, and also adored.@

-2003/04/23(Wed) 09:01

Many Thanks !! / Sandy Klein

Dear Akiko Nakata,

When I opened the URL, I encountered much more than I thought I would.
Many thanks for allowing me to enjoy this fantastic tribute !!
Sandy Klein

-2003/04/23(Wed) 09:10

enjoyment / vladimir mylnikov

Dear Akiko,

It is so enjoyable! Words, colors, and love. We all probably need to thank your son too who helped with the site.

Vladimir Mylnikov

-2003/04/23(Wed) 11:07 @

/Harumi Maekawa

I am a member of nabokov society in japan.
a few years ago I knew nabokov society in japan which was just born , that "zembla" announced.
soon willingly I jointed them.
now I thank god this fortune to find people who love nabokovD

-2003/04/23(Wed) 17:52

What a wonderful birthday! / Shoko Miura


This was a wonderful idea, and I salute you for making it possible. I also want to thank all who gave his/her gift of love on VN's birthday so generously. They were moving gifts to those who were waiting to read them, like me. I also enjoyed reading this guestbook, especially Dmitri's warm words.

-2003/04/23(Wed) 21:15@

/Abdellah Bouazza

Dear Akiko,

Many thanks for the tribute; thanks as well for all the contributors. DN's contribution is a real gem! One would like to see that one added to Sarah Funke's book.


A. Bouazza (The Netherlands).

-2003/04/24(Thu) 19:52

/rumi ito

Nakata sensei!
Belated Happy Birthday to Mr. Nabakov!!
I enjoyed the painting especially!! The butterfly is really beautiful!
Very nice work!

-2003/04/30(Wed) 22:33

Hi! / Kayoko Fujimori

Dear Prof. Akiko Nakata:

Hi! Thank you for your great show for VN's birthday. I enjoyed reading the presenter's messages.
I have been teriibly busy and awfully exhausted.
There are many things to do this week...Maybe 2003 must be one of the hardest years in my life. Check your mailbox! You will find a personal, secret message from me! See you!

-2003/04/28(Mon) 02:08

It was fun. / Akitoshi Nagahata


A wonderful page! Keep up the good work.

Happy holidays!

-2003/04/27(Sun) 22:23

Find what VN has hidden! / Koo seung cheol

Thank you for your good presents.
Nowdays i am translating VN' novels(The enchanter, Invitation to a beheading) into korean.

Congratulations on you VN's birthday!

from south korea.

-2003/04/25(Fri) 05:27

Congratulations on your opening new HP! / Nobuaki Kakinuma

Dear Akiko-sensei

Today for the first time I browsed your HP despite an invitation you once have made (long ago?). My impression is that there are so many people enchanted by Nabokovfs specific literary microcosms all over the world. When I researched into Nabokovfs literature at the graduate school in Japan, only a few people (majoring in Russian Literature) were interested in Nabokov. At that time it seemed to me that studying Nabokov is equal to learning some esoteric knowledge.
Browsing your site, I hit upon the idea that itfs very nice to issue printed versions of your Web site in English and Russian (which include serious papers). The Nabokov Society in Japan in which you are involved incorporates researchers of English-American and Russian literatures, so that it would be very probable to accomplish this plan, if you or your associates can get a bountiful handout from scientific organizations. But that is just my impromptu.
Itfs very happy to share my inclination toward Nabokovfs literature with Nabokov-philes all over the world.

Nobuaki Kakinuama (Japan)

-2003/05/15(Thu) 21:39