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These are pages about the history of Revolutionary Leftist Movement of  LA. Pages are proliferating still now.

I hope these would be one of the common data-bases to study in Latin America.

There are another kind of data in these pages. They are the annual reviews about the world's situation, especially those in the third world, which had been reported to the general assembly of   Hokkaido AALA Solidarity Committee every year.

Hokkaido AALA has made it's own home page, and these reports will relocate there.

The provider gives me 10 mega volume, that is a little insufficient for me. I will try good efforts to make the space and upload some medical essays of my own.


Revolutionary Histories of  Latinamerican Countries   Chronological Tables of Revolutionary Movements in LA Countries

Reports on the Situation of AALA Countries

Medical Essays

There are only four articles written in English, those are

A histological chronology of Ainu nation

"Multiplicity, Identity and Development: Modern Cuban culture theory by Lezette Vila"

 Regarding damage investigation of Depleted Uranium in Iraq

"The treatment rights of the nation and the medical treatment rights of medical persons"

Mrs. Vila is a videocreater of Cuba. She had a chance to come in Sapporo last autumn, and gave us an impressive lecture. This article is the summary of  that lecture. However there may be contained a lot of my own discipline in it.
The treatment rights is my original conception. The above article is the first part of my book. The second (Theories about the prosess of self-treatment) and the third (The tretment rights and community process) shall be translated someday not so late.

I live in

Sapporo City, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

I belong to

"Nishiku"(Western Region) Hospital of "Hokkaido Medical Association for Workers" , as a Physician and Assistant Director

Hokkaido AALA Peoples' Solidarity Committee as Vice President

My Praxis and Activity

Latin America
First Visit to Nicaragua and Cuba in 1984. Second Visit to Nicaragua in 1989. Second Visit to Cuba in 1993, Third Visit to Cuba in 1995
Published a book "Nicaragua : La Liberta o Morir " in 1986
South Korea
First Visit to Seoul and Kwanju in 1998. Met the Stuffs of KCTU, Union of Constructive Workers, Commune members for Slum Residents and a Democratic Clinic named "Koujin", Second Visit to Seoul and Meihyanni (US army's air-bombing exercise field) in May 2001.
Search for the thesis of Non Aligned Movement
Report annually to the general assembly of Hokkaido AALA about the situation of the third World
Medical Essays
Published a book "Rights of Self care", in which I propose that the Rights and Duties for medical care workers are derived from the Basic Human Rights of Self Care.
Joined to publish "Atomic Power and Human being" in which, I summarized the health status of  "Akatzki" (Dawn) Unit Soldiers who had suffered A-bomb in Hiroshima in 1945.
Bongo y Salsa
We organized "Bongo Club" and "Salsa Club" now in training, but feeling desperately tough.
Near to Alcoholism
I like "Sake" Japanese traditional rice wine at the best. Although every wine or spirits will do, I like above all "Havana Club" of Cuba, "La Victoria" the Cerbeza and "Flor de Cana" the Ron of Nicaragua and "Cuervo Traditional" the Tequila of Mexico.

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