Happy Birthday, Mr. Nabokov!

I am much honored to celebrate your 104th birthday with Nabokov fans from all over the world. I am sure you are spiritually with us. As most people gathering here may do, I often wonder what my life would be if I had not encountered your works. They taught me what bliss was; for this I am deeply grateful to you. I hope you will be pleased with the wonderful gifts from the generous contributors.

I would like to thank all the contributors for their cooperation in making this event possible. We became acquainted through your works and our correspondence has made my days.

Mr. Nabokov, please open the gifts and let us share in the pleasure of experiencing them. You may have already seen through the spaces the contents of the transparent giftboxes, but I think you will kindly say "Ah, que c'est beau!" more convincingly than you (and your brother) did to your mother 98 years ago.

Gifts and Contributors

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A pair of chess problems

Kohey Yamada

A chess problem in memory of V. Nabokov

Tadashi Wakashima
International Master in Solving Chess Problems (granted by F.I.D.E.)

A photograph of Mariinsky Theatre

Akiko Nakata

A portrait of VN

Harumi Maekawa

A poem dedicated to VN

George Shimanovich

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Nabokov's Muse: A Sketch from Life (Excerpt)

Vladimir Mylnikov

The Person We Want

Juan Martinez


Jeff Edmunds

Father's Butterfly

Dmitri Nabokov

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